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Counselling Services

       Often there is more to work through than we can manage, even with much prayer, or the help of friends and family. Mental and emotional health, like physical health, needs maintenance and attention. Resources to further you along your path of healing would be incomplete without encouraging you to consider reaching out to a well-trained and believing counselor, in case it might be beneficial to you in your own unique situation. 

       The Catholic Psychotherapy Association and Catholic Therapists allow you to search by state to help you find a qualified counsellor in your area.  offers online courses and resources including daily mentorship so you can have help all along the way (for those in need of financial assistance, ask about available scholarships), and all based on a Catholic understanding of the human person and our relationship to God. There might be something there just the right fit for you! 

       Catholic Counselors also offers tele-counseling so you can get help no matter where you are! 

       Catholic counselor Sonja Corbitt offers individual consultations as well as a Sacred Healing Masterclass!

       Mental health professionals are trained to know what makes a healthy mind and heart, and to aid in repairing injured ones, just as a medical doctor knows how to repair an injured body. Even a non-Catholic or non-Christian counselor can be of immense help when someone has suffered religious trauma, sexual or emotional abuse, or years of struggling in dysfunctional relationships.

       If you're looking for someone who specializes in any particular area, click here to search by a wide array of criteria in order to find someone who has the right qualifications to assist you. 

Personal Stories

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40+ Years a Sedevacantist

One of our site members shared this video playlist outlining his miraculous and moving story of how Our Lady brought him home to the Church at last.

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30+ years in SSPV & SSPX communities across the country, Anastasia shares what brought her home to the Church.


Eileen McMahan

Hear Eileen's fascinating history in Traditionalism from its earliest days.

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Dan Kavic

Raised with the Novus Ordo Dan discovered the SSPX and ended up Sedevacantist for 9 years. 

Another interview where Dan reflects on accepting the Novus Ordo Mass after leaving Traditionalism behind.


Andrew Bartel

Click here for Andrew's biographical article.

See Andrew's many interviews on YouTube! Here is one to get you started.


Kurt Andrews

An abuse survivor who spent many years in the SSPX and lost his family as a consequence.

Click here for the Interview.

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Bethany Grant

Having grown from childhood to womanhood in the SSPX, Bethany shares her experiences and the impact of Traditionalism on women in particular.

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Laura Vander Vos

While never a "Rad Trad", having left behind the Traditionalist mindset, Laura details her involvement and compares it to a joy-and-peace-filled life in the bosom of the Church.

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Andy M

After over 20 years in various Trad groups, Andy finally discovered Catholicism beyond Traditionalism. See the interview on YouTube! 

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Jeremiah Bannister

Known as "Paleocrat" on YouTube, Jeremiah left Sedevacantism and here's why...


Dom Dalmasso

Host of The Logos Project channel and podcast, Dom tells his back story and explains the dangers of radical Traditionalism.

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Dustin Quick

"Holy Smokes" host on YouTube, Dustin was baptized Catholic but made the rounds of religion before settling into the Church at last. Hear him describe those Mad Trad days and learn what set him free.

+ Food for Your Soul +
Spiritual Enrichment Materials

"The good Instructor, the Wisdom, the Word of the Father, who made man, cares for the whole nature of His creature;
the all-sufficient Physician of humanity, the Saviour,
heals both body and soul."

- St. Clement of Alexandria, Father of the Church

"But do Thou, O Lord, the physician of our souls and bodies, the guardian of all flesh, look down,and by Thy saving power heal all the diseases of soul and body."

- Prayer of the ancient Divine Liturgy of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark

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