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NEW article: The Popes on the SSPX - Answering Bishop Schneider

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Andrew Bartel does it again and just had published today his latest article: a comprehensive and well-cited treatment of all the papal pronouncements regarding the Society of St. Pius X, and answering the recent public comments made by Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

UPDATE: The day after this article was posted, the Editor removed the section I quote below.

One of my personal favorite passages from the article, near the end:

"Perhaps these men are not fully aware of the gravity of what Archbishop Lefebvre did in 1988; only thirty years prior in 1958, Pope Pius XII had described the same actions by Chinese bishops as “criminal and sacrilegious”.19 Lefebvre’s decision to consecrate bishops against the will of the Holy Father was an act of violence toward holy Mother Church, a kind of spiritual rape. He took by force her intimate powers of priestly fertility, trampling upon the fragrant lilies of her sacramental purity. Where is the righteous anger and indignation of her sons and daughters? Will no one come to her defense? How can we be so indifferent, when we should rush to her side to tend her wounds and comfort her broken heart! What a tragic irony indeed, that it was Lefebvre himself who once vehemently accused the Church of producing “bastard priests” after the Council.

The SSPX has never repented of its founder’s acts of clerical dominance and injustice. To this day, they exalt him as a hero and revere him as a saint. But this is ignored by the bishops, priests and laymen who are eager to cover up this abuse of the Church and her sacraments, eagerly presenting Lefebvre and the SSPX as model Catholics to be imitated and admired. We should not stand for it. Just as there must be zero tolerance for those who covered up victims’ abuse by lustful priests, so also we should have zero tolerance for those complicit in the spiritual abuse of our beloved Mother and her children."

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Very Informative video about incultration.

This was a great introduction to Native American Incultration in the Catholic Church in case anyone is interested.


Thanks for posting that last paragraph.


Tony Alongi
Tony Alongi
Mar 17, 2023

Very well-stated. And it needed to be said.


Mar 16, 2023

So well said Andrew!

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