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A Response to Critics of TradRecovery - by MrsHappyCatholic

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Very Informative video about incultration.

This was a great introduction to Native American Incultration in the Catholic Church in case anyone is interested.


Thank you, Laura, for this! I really appreciate how you defined the differences in what this "traditionism" references versus Tradition in the Church. And I really appreciate your second half of the video coming in defense of the people who are vulnerable with their experiences and the purpose of this group. When I first heard of Halls response, I immediately thought of victim shaming and blaming. Both are things I, and many of my former SSPX students, dealt with for decades. It's rampant and damaging. So thank you for your voice! You're awesome!


Dan K
Dan K
Mar 22

This video will sadly not be shared out like they did with Kennedy's attack videos. Too bad that people won't get to see it.

Replying to

Dan I read your comment here and it said 'videos' - I thought he had only made one, so I went and watched the second video, the most recent video. More of the same, though this time we were called a bunch of 'revenge seeking Pharisees' or something like that. This is to be expected when people come forward and speak out.



OK Laura I just got up to speed on what happened - just watched a video by a kind-of famous guy who referred to some on here as 'sick'. Well I just want to thank Laura et al even more for doing what you are doing - after watching that video I have never been more glad to be back in the Church and away from the SSPX, and your videos helped my wife in particular. When I came here I mentioned how these people in a lot of cases lacked Charity, and someone told me that the Donatists were the same - they had all the rules but no Charity. Well, whoever said that was right it seems…


Laura, Thank you for all you're doing to bring clarity to this conflict.


Hi Laura

Great video. I'm not 100% sure what happened, just got your message in my email a couple of days ago. I think this was inevitable tbh - you guys have actually set up an online support group that I really believe is gonna help a lot of people and thus shed light on a lot of issues, thus ruffling a whole bunch of feathers. The biggest threat to anything on earth at any time is the truth. Once truth comes out, everything that isn't right, crumbles. Keep up the good work. My wife and I thank you for your efforts - as we say here in Ireland - good woman!

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