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Introducing: Tuesdays with the TorchHound

Stained Glass Window from the Church of St. Catherine of Siena, NYC Photo: Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Bartel. Many of you may know of me from my articles in the Catholic World Report, or from my various interviews and podcasts about the SSPX, Sedevacantism, and the Traditional Catholic Movement over the last few years. I have had the great pleasure of talking with quite a number of you here in this rapidly growing community at TradRecovery, and I am excited to meet even more of you at the upcoming Catholics in Communion Conference next month!

When Laura Vander Vos (MrsHappyCatholic) first told me about her idea to launch the TradRecovery apostolate, I was very supportive and enthusiastic. There was a real need to provide support and resources to the increasing number of disillusioned Traditionalists trying to make their way back into the full life of the Church. How little did I know that it would soon be making headlines in Catholic media, causing “electronic firestorms” all over the internet!


I couldn’t be more proud of Laura and her industrious and resilient team, and of all of you who have had the humility and courage to find your way here. Each one of you has had a unique journey that comes with an inspiring story to tell, and your joyful witness to the Faith, Hope, and Charity of the People of God is the bedrock on which this community is founded.


As a gift to you who have joined me and many others in our pilgrimage into the heart of the Church, I will be offering a series of weekly personal reflections on our new life in the fullness of ecclesial communion, addressing in particular the blessings and struggles which we all share as a result of our experiences in certain spiritually unhealthy communities of the Traditional Catholic Movement.


Because I am a lay Dominican, these reflections will of course bear the marks of my own religious perspective and spirituality. Before the birth of our holy father Dominic, his mother Bl. Jane of Aza dreamt that her womb brought forth a black and white dog holding a flaming torch in its mouth. It then ran off into the dark world, setting it ablaze with its flaming brand.


Following our founder, the Domini canes, Hounds of the Lord, have been carrying this torch ever since. It is my hope and prayer that the Holy Spirit will shower the sparks of his grace on the dead wooden torch of my poor human words; may he enlighten your mind with his Truth, warm your heart with his Goodness, and dazzle the eyes of your soul with his fathomless Beauty.


I am honored to be your humble servant. If you will allow me to be your personal TorchHound, perhaps I can make my baying voice sound to his glory!


(Andrew’s reflections will be posted here on the blog every Tuesday.)

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Thank you so much Andrew. Your work is greatly appreciated.



Andrew!! What a blessing for us! I'm so excited!! You really started this whole movement, I believe, when you wrote your open letter to Fr. Golaski and told your story about leaving Traditionalism. I watched every interview and debate of yours after that, you inspired me to start doing my own interviews; and now here we are at TradRecovery with over 400 site members and so many people blessing each other and building up the Church!! God is amazing!! ❤️ you, brother. :)


So excited for this. I'm right in the middle of a bio of. St. Dominic.


I am so elated to hear of this, Andrew!! Many thanks for your generous endeavor to us all. I will be looking forward to every Tuesday. ☺️

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