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Trad Recovery: a place for you

If you're looking to leave a Traditionalist group or ideology, or are long gone from one, you probably have stories to share, questions that trouble you, things to work through, a need to connect with like-minded people, and you need a safe place to do those things.

After becoming aware of the need for a resource like this, we've set up this site as a place for you to begin, and hopefully find some help and healing through the resources and opportunities available here.

Please be patient with us as we are all volunteers managing this endeavor, and adding to it when we are able. But please come on in, explore, connect, and make yourself at home.

We're blessed to have you here!

Peace be with you.

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Very Informative video about incultration.

This was a great introduction to Native American Incultration in the Catholic Church in case anyone is interested.

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01. März 2023

Hi, is this Laura? I wasn't sure where I should post this. I've never been much of a social media user, but anyway, I found your YouTube channel about nine months ago, and I have really enjoyed your content and found it very beneficial.

I had already been watching Lofton for a while, and then at the same time I found your channel, I also found the Logos Project with Dom, Andrew, and John Salza. And then I saw you on each others channels. And then a few others older channels/people that I hadn't watched for a long time seemed to come back up with great info. Then the Peter Diamond debate happened on Pints with Aquinas, which be…

Gefällt mir
01. März 2023
Antwort an

JMJ Hello!! It is Laura, haha! I wondered if I should have used my real name for my username, but so many people know me from YouTube I wasn't sure which was better!

Thank you so much for your comment! I'll definitely send you an email!!

We're so happy to have you here! God bless you, too!

Gefällt mir
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